Welcome to Peoples Footwear and Leather Goods

The peoples management team has over 10 years of entrepreneurial business experience and has assets operating in different market sectors Locally and internationally. Our team of managers at peoples led by the highly experienced Footwear Eng: Md. Hafizur Rahman, possess years of experience and technical acumen.


Peoples is a privately held entrepreneurial and innovative company that is into the designing and creation of leather footwear & Leather Goods. manufacturing products are Handmade Shoe, shoe upper/Sandal (Ladies & Men’s), SLM- Bag, hand bag, moneys bag & wallet. Peoples Footwear and leather Goods has established since 2010, located in Zerabo, Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Our Mission:

We are a business organization that provides a variety of quality products and services appealing to a diverse community.

By building trusting, honest and sincere relationships with our clients,

employees and we hope to cultivate a stimulating environment resulting in future opportunities for Bangladesh and establishing our brand.


Our vision is to be a model of excellence as a footwear manufacturing factory to provide value for our customers and service to our community.

Quality Assurance:

We believe in quality. Our distinguished quality control department and experts are always dedicated maintaining world class quality.

Our range of Hand Crafted Leather Goods is designed conforming to the latest market trend.

Also, the innovation from our side sets new trends to follow.

The Leather Products are tested for their quality at each step of production, and only finest pieces come out of our manufacturing unit.

Customer Satisfaction:

Customized production facility allows us to design our world class Hand Crafted Leather Goods as per the choices of the clients.

We consider the latest fashion while designing the Leather Ladies Purses and Bags, and design such Products which rank high on the utility quotient as well.

We are committed to offering great quality products and encourage you to enjoy our brand new designs.

Our merits:

 Our sills in manufacturing permits to produce shoes of various up quality.

 We have learning program to develop high quality working ability to achieve perfection in the production line.

 Our design skill permits us to develop high quality product
time to time.