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Peoples Footwear and Leather Goods

Peoples is a privately held entrepreneurial and innovative company that is into the designing and creation of leather footwear & Leather Goods. manufacturing products are Handmade Shoe, shoe upper/Sandal (Ladies & Men’s), SLM- Bag, hand bag, moneys bag & wallet. Peoples Footwear and leather Goods has established since 2010, located in Zerabo, Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
The peoples management team has over 10 years of entrepreneurial business experience and has assets operating in different market sectors Locally and internationally. Our team of managers at peoples led by the highly experienced Footwear Eng: Md. Hafizur Rahman, possess years of experience and technical acumen.

Our merits:

 Our sills in manufacturing permits to produce shoes of various up quality.

 We have learning program to develop high quality working ability to achieve perfection in the production line.

 Our design skill permits us to develop high quality product
time to time.

Our Services

Step 1:
Audit & Assurance:

  • Statutory / External Audit
  • Internal Audit
  • Compliance Audit
  • Provident Fund Audit
  • Gratuity Fund Audit
  • WPPF Audit
  • Functional Audit
  • Credit Audit
  • Performance Audit
  • Risk base management Audit

Step 2:
Forensic & Investigation:

  • An independent evaluation of loss and damage arising from breach of contract.
  • Providing support in case of litigation or international arbitration.
  • Investigation into analyzing insurance claim.
  • Detection and discovery of weakness in the internal control system.
  • Investigating into detecting the cause of fraud.

Step 3:

  • VAT planning
  • Corporate and commercial tax planning
  • Tax effect structuring
  • Tax litigations support including prudential solutions
  • Tax solutions for individuals
  • Preparation and filing VAT Return (Form 9.1)
  • Preparation and filing Tax Return
  • Preparation, filing, and pleading appeals before the appropriate tax authority
  • Preparation, filing, and pleading appeals before the appropriate VAT authority
  • Preparation, filing, and assisting in obtaining exemption/ reduced rate certifications
  • Preparation, filing, and assisting in obtaining approval of gratuity fund, pension fund, and provident fund
  • Proactive advice resulting from fast-changing VAT & Tax legislation.

Step 4:
Corporate Advisory:

    • Pre-IPO and Post – IPO compliance management
    • Regulatory compliance management
    • System review and process  re-engineering
    • Sustainability analysis
    • Strategic planning
    • Cash flow and profitability analysis
    • Insurance planning
    • Business succession planning

Step 5:
Accounting & Financial:

  • Preparation of accounting manual
  • Preparation of internal control manual
  • Preparation of operational manual
  • Assistance in maintenance of required books and records
  • Preparation of Financial Statements 
  • Business feasibility studies
  • Share and business evaluation
  • Liquidation, bankruptcy , mergers and acquisition

Step 6:
Corporate Secretarial:

    • Company formation
    • Branch or Liaison office establishment
    • Statutory periodical returns submission
    • Registration of partnership, trusts, societies, and foundation
    •  Preparation and filling of all documents under the corporate law

Step 7:
IPO & Capital Market:

  • Advising on preparation of Financial Statements as per the requirement of BSEC
  • Assist Issue Manager for preparation of prospectus
  • Help management in explaining rules, regulations, procedures,s, and compliance

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